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2016 Campaign Begins August 17th 

United Way,  partner agencies, and volunteers are all investing in the economic success of our community.  Join us at 8am on August 17th at Golden Corral during the Chamber Coffee Hour as we highlight the impact these organizations have on workforce development, social stability, transportation, educational programs, and critical access to services for families and individuals.


                                                                Thank you to all those have contributed thus far!  

        We are one month into our campaign and at 10% of our goal with many active campaigns in progress!  

        With your help we are building a stronger community and whether you give a little or a lot every dollar is making an impact in Person County!


        It only takes 1,400 donors giving just a $100 - that's only $1.92 a week..a cup of coffee per week.

        That cup of coffee you gave up each week can provide:

  •  15 meals to an older adult, who isn't physically able to cook for themselves, through the Meals on Wheels program
  •   6 children with developmental disabilities a chance to participate in Special Olympics                  
  •    25 school aged children a hat and scarf set for the winter, that they otherwise could not afford, handmade with love by the Person County Needleworkers, Inc.
  •   3 children, under the age of 5, their very own book mailed to their home each month encouraging a love for reading and an opportunity to enter kindergarten prepared for success through the Imagination Library

​         And that's only the start of what $100 can do for our fellow neighbors right here in Person County.  It takes all of us working together to make our community a great place to live!