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2021-2022 Community IMPACT Grant

Person County United Way is a leader in Community IMPACT - strategically investing funds in EDUCATION, HEALTH and INCOME.  Community IMPACT dollars are allocated through a grant application process. A Community Investment Team, made up of trained community volunteers, makes fund distribution recommendations to the United Way’s Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors are responsible for all final funding decisions. It is a competitive grant review process. Collaboration and creativity are encouraged. Funded programs will be required to measure outcomes and report them to United Way and the community.  

Nonprofits that wish to apply for funding for fiscal year July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2020 must complete the Community IMPACT funding application.  The deadline to submit completed applications is Friday, June 4, 2021 by 5:00pm.  If you would like more information regarding United Way's Community Investment process, please email us at or call the Person County United Way office at 336-599-5899.

These are the attachments that must be submitted to be considered to receive funding:
  • Most recent audit (for past fiscal year) with date of Board approval noted OR Financial Review of Agency form.  Person County United Way will give agency the form to be completed if requested.  
  • IRS 990 Form; IRS Form 990-EZ or copy Form 990-N, also known as the e-Postcard (for most recent fiscal year)
  • Current Charitable Solicitation License or letter of exemption   CSL #                                       
  • Annual Report, newsletter, brochure and/or informational flyer displaying United Way logo
  • List of current Officers and Members of the Board of Directors with contact information
  • Calendar of Board of Directors meeting dates during last fiscal year
  • Balance Sheet for current Fiscal Year, year to date

These documents only need to be submitted if your agency has updated information or if this is the first time you have asked for United Way funding.  These documents are kept in your permanent United Way file.

  •  Copy of the letter from the IRS to your organization validating your 501(c)3 status/tax exempt status
  •  Copy of Agency’s Articles of Incorporation
  •  Current Bylaws (updated within past 5 years) with date of Board approval noted and/or current copy of organizations charter
  •  Funded organization’s Nondiscrimination Policy with date of Board approval noted



A completed application does not guarantee funding.