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Campaign Coordinators 

As an Employee Campaign Coordinator, you are crucial to the success of United Way.  Without you, we could not fund the programs which provide needed services in Person County.  We hope that your time spent "building a stronger Person County" will be just as rewarding for you as it is for the lives you are touching through your assistance as an Employee Campaign Coordinator. 
Whether it is your first time as a Coordinator or you have coordinated the campaign multiple times, the handbook and materials below will help you during the campaign.  If you need prepared emails or handouts to share with employees, please let us know.   If at any time you have questions or need assistance, please email or call 336-599-5899.  Thank you for giving back to the community! 

Coordinator Handbook : Guide to running an Employee Campaign

Campaign Check List : Coordinator's check list of important steps.  Each employer runs a campaign based on a distinct timeline that fits the employer's schedule, thus you will set your timeline dates.  In order for donations to be distributed in the upcoming grants, donations must be submitted to Person County United Way prior to February 28th.  

Building Stronger Communities Logo : Campaign logo for your use. 

Jean's Day Stickers : Labels to print if you hold a Jean's Day event.

Campaign "Fun" Book : ideas for how to keep the campaign fun and the spirit of community alive throughout the year

Video on What is United Way