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Our Work

United Way focuses on addressing the community's greatest needs; including helping children succeed in school, building healthy families, and assisting people in attaining the same standard quality of life that we all enjoy.  Finding solutions to our communities biggest challenges are too vast for one individual, one program, or one agency to do alone. We are grateful for your support as we bring resources together to work towards lasting change.   
Contributions to the Person County United Way will work to build a better, stronger, resilient community by:
  • helping to move people out of poverty and into more sustainable and healthy situations along with meeting their basic needs,
  • ensuring accessibility to services, supports, and opportunities for everyone in our community,
  • and helping children access programs and opportunities that promote all stages of development from early learning through transitioning into adulthood.  
As United Way Worldwide strives to attain the goals below by 2028, we too will be at work in our community helping people get better jobs, improve our graduation rates, and assisting people in moving into healthier situations!